How to win at Easter!

Guys, we just moved, things are nuts and all our belongings are somewhere in America and keep getting delayed but its almost Easter! My kid loves jelly beans and Easter eggs so I wanted to make this year in a new state and a new house special and filled with things the kids love since Vienna, my 10-month old is totally aware of whats going on…

I had to do most of my shopping online since we are still getting adjusted but it made things super easy andddd I found some real gems.

Check out my finds for this years baskets.

Chalk Full of Design

I love this shop and found them in Instagram. Lindsey, the owner is super relate-able, funny AF in her stories and makes some unique toys that are also educational which I am allll about.

I grabbed one board each for the kids with their full names on it but honestly I can’t wait to buy more. I love the clock board, the shapes and numbers and the ABCs too, really I just want one of everything.

Bannor Toys

Another IG find and relate-able mom that has a unique hustle. They make everything from wooden blocks to teethers to toys. I love their rattles, state teethers and am eyeing their wooden cash machine. Their stuff is made in the US with good quality wood.

I scored the newly RESTOCKED (hurry and grab one) board game and a teether for V. The board game is good for all ages and looks like a fun family activity. I am all about no TV/technology and always looking for activities for all of us to do.


Where you find everything you dont need. You know the “not so” dollar spot is toooo good. I wish I could shop it online but I guess that’s the point. I scored some little stuff here and there but these planters are my favorite.


One for each of them and I picked up some seeds so the little guy can plant something of his own, water it and watch it grow.


This is a super neat concept. It is a family owned company that it all about saving the bees. They are selling their multicolored little eggs of seeds that help save the bees and produce wild flowers to edible flowers.

I think it will be another fun activity everyone can be apart of and it will be neat for him to see them grow and know he planted them.

Melissa and Doug Wooden Magnetic Chore Chart

Guys, a chore chart that he will like?! It’s a win/win! I scored this on on Amazon and three is a perfect age to start giving some responsibility.


I like this chart a lot because he can visually see what he has done and what he needs to do. Bonus, its Melissa and Doug and I am pretty much a fan girl of everything they make.

Melissa and Doug Magnetic Calendar

Like I said, Melissa and Doug stuff it where its at! This is a calendar where he can mark the day of the week, the weather, etc.


Another learning tool that I think he will love.


They make safe and fun things for kids to eat on. Their stuff is all stainless steel and wood and they stick to the highchair or table to control some mess and keep the plate on the surface. They do spoons, plates, bowls, etc.

I got the plate with the spoon for my baby girl and will probably add to our stash soon. You can check out all their goods on Instagram too.


My kid is picky AF and I know I’m not alone. These divided stainless steels lunch boxes are an awesome way to make eating fun. I plan on putting snacks and cut up sandwiches in it and use it in and out of the house.

They have all different sizes for kids and adults and give some great ideas on how to use them over on their good ole’ IG page.

Finger Puppets

Dominic is really into pretend play right now and is loving puppets and these are a good little basket filler.

finger puppets

I think they will be fun for him, the baby and I plan on using them in the car on longer trips too.

Klean Kanteen

My kid is obsessed with water, being outside and spilling everything, so this was an easy pick.

klean kanteen

They have all different colors and I think will be perfect for hikes.

Life Factory

I like to keep things even and hate plastic. This will be perfect for water for my baby girl and help eliminate plastic and I won’t have to be worried about gross mold.


They come in different sizes and colors.

Kid Cookbooks

Have a kid that loves to read and cook, grab one (or all) of these. I am thinking of getting all three that they have on Amazon. I love that Dominic loves to read but I am way more into interactive reading.

They have tacos, pancakes and pizza versions.

Carters Pajamas

Matching kids are the way to my heart, especially when they are mine. I snagged these gems for $5 bucks each during their sale.

The kid loves dinosaurs and I cant wait to see them matching! I got the blue ones for Dominic and the pink ones for Vienna.


Stacker Toys

Another Melissa and Doug gem. I love these kinds of baby toys and think this is a perfect 1st Easter basket filler.

stacker toys

Melissa and Doug makes tons of baby stuff that would be perfect for Easter and with Prime, why not!

Paw Patrol Workbook

Again, great for toddlers to start learning their letters and numbers and they have alll the themes so pick your kids favorite one and it will be a hit.


Magnetic Blocks

I am sure you have heard of these. They are great for at home, for the car or at restaurants. These are the knock-offs because the name brand ones are pricey and I am cheap AF and if it works the same why would you pay double?

Girls or boys, this toy is great and they won’t get bored in five minutes. I plan on adding to his collection so he can make more and bigger stuff.

Baby Food Teether

Vienna is 10 months and I think she will like these so they are going in her basket!


Don’t worry there will still be plenty of candy in their baskets, well Dominic’s. He associates Easter with jelly beans so there will be lots of those, m&ms and to keep tradition going a solid chocolate bunny.

Other things I plan on picking up and adding to the baskets:

Outside Chalk
Yogurt snacks that Vienna loves
Bow for Vienna
New themed underwear for Dominic (still working on that whole potty training thing, help!)
And I am sure I will find stuff I don’t need at Target before Easter.

I plan on filling eggs with SOME candy, little toy cars and tattoos.

If you aren’t already, make sure you are following Macaroni and Butter on Instagram and keep up with our Easter activities, recipes and shenanigans. Don’t forget to drop a comment below and let me know if I missed anything good!

Cheers and happy shopping!



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