The last 24 hours have been a little too extra for me. My 8-month old daughter won’t sleep (like ever) and my (almost) three year old has always been allergic to sleep so together its an all night long shuffle of me or my husband in someone’s room, other than our own! The weather matched all of our moods this morning and we woke up to rain which is great because that makes it a little more socially acceptable that we are all still in our pajamas at 2pm and haven’t left the house yet…

I make outdoor scavenger hunts often for my toddler and they are sincerely fun for both of us. He gets so excited when he finds something on the list and loves checking it off. Today, this indoor scavenger hunt saved us from me not up for the whole “mom gig” and sticking him in front of the TV for an hour until the caffeine kicked in.

Print it off and use it if the snow won’t melt, its freezing outside, the rain is keeping you inside or if you just need a moment to get your crap together. You can do it with the kids or just enjoy that friggin’ cup of coffee while they run around looking for random stuff around the house. Its a win, win guys!


Drop a comment and let me know how your kids liked it and tag me @macaroniandbutter if you have enough energy to take some photos!

Cheers to easier days and more sleep!


2 thoughts on “LAZY DAY LIFE-SAVER

  1. My kids and I did this today and everyone loved it! Thank you:) This definitely helped pass the time as we wait out the artic temps here in Chicago!


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