DIY Dinosaur Eggs

So, I have been bribing my kid with these for two days now and have zero intentions of stopping. They are so easy and cheap to make and so fun watching my son think it’s magic!

I put one out a day, he woke up this morning asking for “dino egg” and I explained to him the Mama Dinosaur won’t come and leave eggs if he is acting fresh or crying (so far so good). So, I run out and put one in a bush or next to a plant and we go “hunting” he yells for the egg and crouches down while looking and its so damn cute.

He has a plastic hammer and when we find one it hits it until a dino “hatches,” he picks a name and we go give him a bath to clean him up. Honestly, the joy in his eyes when he sees what’s inside is so fun and I am going to keep making these until he tells me to stop!



  • baking soda
  • water
  • coffee grinds or food coloring

That’s literally it.

Depending on how many you are making will depend on how much of each ingredient you will need (obviously).

-Dump some baking soda in a bowl and just add water until you have a mold-able consistency. I add a scoop of coffee to make it a dark color and more “egg-like.” You can also add food coloring (maybe dark green). **Don’t worry, if you had too much of one thing, just balance it out with the other ingredient.

-Mold the mixed ingredients around your figurine. We have only used dinosaurs but will probably start using other animal figurines in the future.

– dry for 12-24 hours (or more) in a dry area and THAT’S IT!

Super easy and super fun for everyone.


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