Is this even working?

Well, here we go, I am giving this whole blogging thing a try. I have been talking about it for years and I am finally putting in the time and taking the plunge. I am not sure how to begin, I guess I should start by telling you who I am…? My name is Geneva, I am married with two kids that I am totally obsessed with and hover over 24/7. I dabble in being a “crunchy mom” but not totally committing and still loving junk food and giving my kid peanut butter and jelly and a tablet when I want an easy way out. I love to cook, travel, craft, stalk lifestyle Instagram pages, find local gems and take an absurd amount of photos. I obviously have not figured out this whole blog thing yet but my goal is to post my recipes, Pinterest recreations and fails, foodie pics, things that have worked with my kids, things I am obsessing over at the moment, really good beer, products I discover and fall in love with and all around just a quick glimpse into my chaotic, non-stop life. Here’s hoping you find my blog mildly interesting and I am not just wasting hours of my time (like with my 73 other hobbies). Cheers!

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